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All content must be in line with our mission


The main language is English. Translations can be made if there are people who are able to work on them.

When talking about hypothetical situations, use gender-neutral pronouns (they/them). The only times you should be using gendered pronouns are:

  1. When you're referring to a specific person whose pronoun is known
  2. When they are relevant to the hypothetical situation (see Racism page)

Link Submission & Removal

  • To add an article link, edit the article. Paste the title in and link the URL on the title.
  • To remove an article link, edit the article and add a brief explanation on why the article should be removed.

Adding Categories

  • The wiki is a work in progress. Categories may be added as new pieces are published or a different organization may be deemed easier.

Unnecessary Content

This is not the place for:

  • brewing guides
  • manufacturers manuals
  • job recruitment
  • debates on feminism

If you are confused or hesitant at if a topic or link fits within our guidelines, begin a topic on the discussion page or use the Talk function (dropdown next to the Edit page).

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